5 Tips to Grow Your Legal Practice with Online Ads

Is your law firm taking full advantage of the potential for growth in online advertising campaigns? Online ads can be another way to help build your online presence as one of your many tools in your overall marketing plan.

Advertising online is a cost-effective way to receive immediate results. You can target your audience to help the right clients find your business. without spending a lot of money.

5 Online Ad Tips for Law Firms

1. Pay Per-Click-Ads

These are text ads in search results appearing at the top of the page or on the side. You purchase them from the search engines and these ads are a great way to get your website some exposure and help move it up to the top of the searches.

You pay every time a user clicks the ad to get to your website. You want to carefully research keywords to ensure you are advertising to the correct audience.

You can set your keywords for an exact match, to better ensure you get the right traffic. The goal is to drive the right kinds of potential clients to find you.

2. Banner Ads

These are also known as display ads. These attract viewers by moving animation or big buttons. Again, you want to be sure you are targeting the correct audience.

Do some research to clearly define your market audience and be sure that is who you are reaching. You also want to be sure you are using clear metrics to judge if your banner ad campaign is working.

3. Social Media Ads

There is a multitude of options here for growing your business. Law firms typically advertise on LinkedIn and Facebook, although you may find your target audience on Instagram, YouTube, or many others.

A benefit of these platforms is that they allow you to pay money to boost your post to the top of the feeds. Social media advertising can be tricky and you need to do your research to determine the best platform for the potential clients you want to reach.

4. Have a clear call to action (CTA)

Advertising should have a clear call to action. You want it to be easy for potential clients to find you. Make it easy for them to know how to contact you or how to find further information about your services. Or your CTA might be downloading a brochure or fact sheet about a topic.

You can ask for information, like their email address, for them to get the download.

5. Monitor Results Regularly

Don’t skip this one. You need to use clear marketing metrics to determine if your ads are having an impact on your business. With this information, you can make modifications to your campaign as needed to help bolster its effectiveness.

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3 Ways to Exercise Your Mind for Creative Advertising

If you work in creative advertising, it’s likely you have grown up being creative. From as long as you can remember you were someone who wanted to solve problems and was not just satisfied with the end result, but wanted to know how you got there.

Because of this way your mind worked, you were inspired early on to engage in activities such as drawing, writing, directing, singing or playing music, all of which lead you to become involved in creative advertising.

If you are faced with a creative advertising roadblock, stop for a moment and reassess. The most effective strategy to get those creative juices flowing again is to utilize simple creative exercises. These will sharpen your skills and get you back in the artistic mind flow that you need to be in in order to be successful in creative advertising. Plus they are fun!

Below are 3 creative exercises you can do to give your brain the inspired boost it needs:

1. Package and Brand Yourself

If you were available to buy in your favorite store, how would your brand packaging look? As a creative advertising professional, you know how much the final packaging matters. You need to think of the display, an appealing product name, attractive colors, and size. This task is important to think about not only for creative thinking purposes, but also to get to know your brand. How do you brand yourself in an interesting, and imaginative manner that also sells?

2. Brainstorm a New Invention

Often in the creative advertising world, we think, “why has this product not been created yet?” or “why isn’t there a way to do this more efficiently?”. Why don’t you take a whack at filling that gap? Spend some time brainstorming gadgets that you believe will be beneficial to others. Make lists, sketch, and research. No matter how silly it may be, it will really expand your creative thinking when trying to earnestly come up with the next big thing. And who knows, maybe you will think up a great novelty that’s good enough to patent!

3. Play Like a Kid Again

Think of all the creative things you play with as a child. Legos, board games, PlayDoh and endless crafting apparatuses. As we get older, these little projects or breaks just to PLAY with something get pushed to the side. In truth, taking any object and creating something out of it is an excellent, simple, and fun way to get your creative juices flowing. In creative advertisingwe do this all the time, just without the colorful and fun tools to get us there. Grab some building blocks and take the time to make something, you’d be surprised how much your mind gets a work-out!